Drag Queen

Not only a man of many faces – also a beautiful woman! Who would have thought it! This viper tongued drag queen comes in a variety of flavours, and has something sensual and special for every occasion. From the sultry showboat Madam Chique of the burlesque review, to the catty scratchy claws out seaside charm of the back streets of Blackpool, your pleasure is to choose!

A variety of personas are available off the shelf (or rather under the counter?) Or perhaps a terrifying mix of all of them would better suit? There are just so many to choose from: Queenie, Roxy, Shiza Minelli, Barberella, She Guevara, Red riding hood, Santa baby, to name but a few! The list goes on and on, all singing all dancing! You can even enjoy all Punk Rock disco with DJ Apocolypstik!